I have always loved animals. I grew up on a farm with many animals. I was 3 years old when I first competed with my horse and continue to this day to compete with my horses and dogs. I have been involved in dog agility for over 20 years. I own Fun Animal Sports Training Center. I share a 18 acre farm with my husband, two children, dogs, cats, goats, horses, donkeys, bulls, sheep and a pig. I have been instructing agility and obedience for over 15 years. I put on agility trials and agility and conditioning seminars throughout the country. I own and competes with a variety of breeds including Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shelties, Cattle dogs and Terriers as well as mixed breeds. This makes me a well-rounded think outside the box handler and instructor.  My dog Comet and I won the 2011 NADAC Championships. Comet has bonus qualifying runs. Not only did I make it to the finals in 2015, many of my students placed in the top 3.I am also involved in dog rescue as I often foster (and end up keeping) dogs. I enjoy working with rescue dogs to give them the love and training they need to be adopted into their forever homes. 

Christie Rincker 
Mechanicsburg IL
Email: wrinckerk9@gmail.com       Phone: 217-414-6959
FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/funanimalsportstraininganimalboarding/

My sister Lisa Schmit also helps out with the  kennel

Lisa Schmit, PhD, CCFT, CPMP has been active in agility for over 20 years. She is a NADAC Certified Clinician, Certified Pet Massage Practitioner, FITPAWS Master Trainer, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and a member of Bobbie Lyon’s K9 Fit Team. She gives agility, conditioning and massage seminars across the continent. She teaches online classes through in thezoneagility.com as well as through Bobbie Lyons Canine Campus -https://www.bobbielyonscaninecampus.com. Lisa hosts over 15 NADAC Trials yearly as In The Zone Agility and In The Zone Agility of Illinois. In September 2018, Tandem earned the coveted Purple MODSQUAD award--Master of Distance and Speed which requires high level distance handling and speed. JP7 achieved his Silver MODSQUAD in Dec 2018. There are less than 30 dogs in the world that have achieved a MODSQUAD. Revolution only need one more bonus to achieve this award also. Lisa has come home from the NADAC Championships with 10 trophies with 5 different dogs. At the 2018 NADAC Championships, Tandem was the NADAC World Large Vet Dog Champion and NADAC Large Vet Dog Champion. JP7 was NADAC World Starter Stakes Reserve Champion and NADAC Reserve Champion Starter Stakes (high level distance class) and Distance Bonus Cup Champion. Here is a link to 2018 Champs Highlights Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNRR3D9fogg At the 2017 NADAC Championships, Revolution was Reserve Champion, JP7 achieved 4 sashes in Starter Stakes, and Tandem and Synergy also made it to finals. Amazingly, in 2018 and 2017, her four dogs earned 26 NATCHES and 10 Speed Stars each year! Talk about being consistent at a high level In 2015, Tandem won the highest number of Bonus Points Trophy in Starter Stakes. From 2008-20011, Moxie and Lisa won their class at champs! In 2007, Expedite won the Skilled Veteran Class and in 2006 Haley (Brittany) won Double Digit Class. Her dogs are consistently in the NADAC Top 10. Revolution, JP7, Tandem, Synergy, Moxie and Expedite have also earned numerous NADAC Platinum Speed Star Awards. Revolution, JP7, Tandem, and Synergy have also earned numerous NADAC All Around NATCHES and Speed Stars. Lisa and her dogs have earned over 100 NATCHs. Eight of her dogs have qualifying bonus runs. To view a complete list of accomplishments, videos of runs and photos please visit http://inthezoneagility.com. To view some bonus’ runs http://inthezoneagility.homestead.com/BONUS-RUNS.html