Our kennel is located on our 18 acre farm to offer your pet a relaxing vacation while your pet is away from home. Our individual runs are climate-controlled attached with a doggie door to a secured outside area. Our inside kennels are 5X10 or 10x10 for 2 same household pets.  The inside kennels are divided by privacy panels giving your animal its own privacy. For added comfort, each kennel has raised beds. The inside kennels are large enough to accommodate oversized beds or travel crates (if you would like to bring one). The outside kennel area is 5X15.  We also have a few large grassy exercise areas! 

Our runs are air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. Each run has a doggie door that leads to a covered outdoor area so pets have the opportunity to go inside and outside all day long. We also have outdoor grassy exercise areas that allow the pets to romp around or just hang out outside. Dogs are let out in the exercise are many times throughout the day.

For safety purposes, each dog is kept in its own individual run. Dogs from the same household may share.

Tour of our Outdoor  Kennel Runs
Tour of our Huge
 Outdoor  Exercise Field
Foster Dog Luna~ Great Recall
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