You’re awesome!! My pups love it with you! I wish we were traveling soon. Maybe when weather gets better.
 I have tried SEVERAL other facilities before finding FAST for boarding my dog. Ginger is a very timid dog who doesn’t like being around other dogs, especially if they are aggressive or loud. We love the large private kennels and so does Ginger! When we pick her up, I can tell they have taken good care of her because of the way she responds to the owners. She is happy and relaxed. I love this place!
When I have to travel without them, my pups prefer staying at FAST with temp appropriate rooms and special attention over staying in their home dogrun with a once a day visit from a pet sitter. When I deliver them, they are always excited to e explore the facilities. And I always pick them up happy and well taken care of. Thanks for taking good care of my girls.
Here are some reviews and quotes from satisfied customers !!
We started taking Kennedy and Arnie soon after we adopted Arnie as a puppy. At the other place we boarded them, Arnie would come back with his nose rubbed raw from the kennel. It is such a peace of mind knowing they are loved and cared for. Arnie is so excited to get to the "farm" to be able to roam and run. They get to roam in the dog run and stay together in the warm or cooled room. Love the video posts to see our pups when we are away from them. Whether a one night stay or a couple of weeks when we are on vacation, FAST is the best place for our babies. Thank you for all you do for our pups.
We love FAST!! We started bringing Libby and Miley there a couple of years ago and they are taken care of better than anyplace we've ever taken them!! They get lots of running and play time and tons of spoiling and attention!! Christie even posts videos of them playing so you can see how they're doing. Not to mention her prices can't be beat!! We have and will continue to highly recommend FAST to everyone who needs to board a pet!!
Travels all the way from St Louis: My four love staying at FAST. I have tried other kennels and found on return visits that my dogs hated going inside. Not true at FAST; they jump out of the car with excitement. I know at FAST they will be well taken care of and will be happy. I am a lot more relaxed when I have to travel. 
Christie does an amazing job with animals! Our dog gets so excited as soon as we pull up. The kennels are great and they have plenty of room to get out and run!
I highly recommend FAST! Our dog has major anxiety but she enjoys going here and we don’t have to worry about her at all. She is treated like family and she loves being able to go and sniff around in the big open area. The runs that they have are awesome and are so clean. We are so glad we have found a place that Dexter loves! Thank You for all you guys do!
Glad we were able to bring Luna to a place where she was able to get out and enjoy the outdoors and she was cared for in a loving way.
FAST is simply amazing! If you want your pets to be treated like family - this is the place to go. We boarded our 12 year old golden retriever for the very first time this summer. I was nervous but after the pictures of how well he was adjusting (and being spoiled) day one, all of that anxiety went away. He was treated like royalty (see pictures of "Woody" and you will see what I mean). Christie - thank you for bringing your love and care for animals to our great community!!
Our dog stayed for a week and had manners training while we were on vacation. So nice to be able to leave your dog where you know she will be treated well and have lots of fun! Highly recommend!!
My pups seem to love this place. I know I feel good about leaving them here. And they love the animals for you while they are taking care of them.